Up close or far away: How do we see the world?

From landforms and bodies of water to our own class; how do we see or recognize the objects all around us?

The world is big and has a lot of diverse places, but it also has many places that look similar! Can we guess where every place is in the world based only on a picture?

The first day of class we played a GeoGuesser game where we had to guess where a picture was taken from. Then the game tells you the correct answer and how close or far away you were.


Task 1: After learning about many different landforms, we need to play the game again and see if our guesses improve!

Task 2: Our school is not as big as the world. Can we identify basic objects in our school from close-up pictures?

Task 3: I had the students take 5 minutes (on their break) and pick their own object inOur.School.Up.Close the school that the others may not recognize up close. The students drew a small part of the object and then the full object. I took pictures of the object for students to look at while drawing if needed. THEN student stood up one by one and presented what they drew. The other students asked questions (Where is it located? What does it do? What does it feel like? etc.) to try to figure out what it was.

Overall we were pretty surprised how much we know about our school but also how many small details there are that we may not ever have noticed- like the fact that there is a camel in our school! Can you guess where?




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