Reflecting and Moving Forward: “Who We Are”

Now that we are well into the second theme of our curriculum “Where we are in place and time“, it is time to reflect about what we have accomplished.

The last theme, Who we are, placed a lot of emphasis on learning how unique we all are and understanding that being unique is ok!

We used different types of stories to understand that through our differences, we all have common responsibilities.

First, we watched an episode from a series found on Youtube: The Lemonade Detectives

Then, we used the lessons from these to discuss two themes: responsibility and food.

Students decided: “If I had my own lemonade stand what would I sell?” How much would I sell it for?”

Then we read another play titled “Mrs. Pierce’s Purse” where a woman sitting on a bus has her purse stolen and is then unable to buy a nice present for her husband’s birthday. The class acted out the play with several different scenarios and then in different places (such as a grocery store). Together we imagined what we should do if: We see someone drop money? Someone take something from someone else? Someone who has lost something.

We understood that we need to act responsibly AND that if we cannot find something we own it is not right to automatically assume someone stole it.

We also read several more stories: A Native American Fable: “How the Bear Lost it’s Tail”, a Fairy Tale from Iran: “The Golden Slipper”, and the Japanese Folk Tale “Yoshi the Stone-cutter”. We used these stories not only as reading and comprehension practice, but also to see some differences in the culture and emotions of each of the characters.

After learning from all of these stories, it was time to make our own! One of my close friends who works at a language school in Russia shared a video with me: “What does the World Eat For Breakfast“. Since we had been discussing food and different cultures, we used the video in class as an example to make our own video. We noticed that NONE of our nationalities (Estonian, Dutch, Israeli, Cypriot, Danish)  were represented! So the class made our own! Even though not all students spoke about their national dish, all were involved in the filming and directing process. In the end we had our own version: What Eats For Breakfast Extension!

Reflection: through all of our work making videos and acting out different plays, we learned that 1) practice is an important way to improve our work and 2) everyone expresses and understands what emotions look like differently.


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