Incorporating Culture and Kindness into the Classroom

The themes WHO WE ARE and WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME are not just curriculum based, but they are guiding points for helping students feel comfortable and empowered in their school; especially if it happens to be an international school. Based on the activities and events of last week, students began to see how what we learn in class affects them and their community.

With the current theme WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME, students have been learning about how the time of year and our location are CONNECTED to our lifestyle. The last two weeks in particular have been packed full of opportunities for us to inquire about our own location and lives.

We started with English where we had reading comprehension and spelling words related with timelines. From there we graphed class-timeline.jpgour own timeline of the important events in our class (when we were all born, when we started school, etc.).

From there, we moved on to learning about different holidays and traditions that happen at certain time of the year. Since we live in

Estonia, we visited the Estonian Agricultural Museum to learn about the traditional holiday Saint Catherine’s Day (or Kadripäev). Students had fun learning new songs and dances, felting, hearing about traditions, and even observing a TIMELINE of Estonian food! The students were excited to point out that the timeline was like the one we made in class!

The week after, we had a Kahoot challenge with the first graders to see what the students learned. This was a good opportunity not only for us to assess what the students learned, but also for students to practice using technology in a different way.

Good.Deed.Holiday.CountdownFinally last week we started preparing for the holiday season. Since we only have school until the 19th we decided to make our own countdown calendar with 19 days. It is similar to an advent calendar, but instead of having candy inside, each pouch has a “Good Deed” task such as “help someone” or “share” that our class will try to focus on each day. Students decorated the outside of the pouch themselves and have worked on different ideas for each day. As we get closer to our break we will be putting up the pouches day by day to finally build our classroom holiday tree!

Oh, and we made snowmen too who are enjoying the warmth of the hallway outside of our classroom!Snowmen


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