Tartu International for Culture

2nd and 3rd Grade Class

How do we express ourselves? This alone is a difficult question to answer. It is even more difficult to consider questions such as: Do others understand how I feel based on my actions? Can I recognize when someone else is expression themselves? How can I respond when I see that a family member, friend, or peer is feeling a certain way (embarrassed, jealous, angry, sad, excited, etc.)? What different forms can expressions take?

These are all the questions we will be working to answer for ourselves in multiple ways over the next few weeks. One of the forms of expression we have been using so far is photography. The first task students had was to make something (anything!) out of snow and take a picture of it to show the class (some examples above). Little did they know that it was not just a picture for our class BUT that their pictures would be used to provoke various questions:

Why did you make this out of snow? How long did it take you? Who took the picture? Why did you take the picture from this angle? Why did you make your snow picture in the chosen location? What else is in the picture? What do others see in our own picture that we did not see before?

Our own personal pictures then became the basis for learning about different reading and writing skills with resources from Teaching With a Mountain View.

As we continued to learn about: Inferences, Main Ideas, Facts and Opinions, and so on,

Walking to the Townhall Square in Tartu

we learned about a Photo Contest #EuropeforCulture and decided to make our own class instagram to participate. As it turned out, this competition was yet another way for us to each take the change to think about what we want to show of the city center of Tartu to the world. Granted our Instagram account (istartu2and3) is set to private so we choose who we can see our class pictures!


Making our own Instagram allowed us to learn a bit about how the internet works. What do ‘Hashtags’ actually do? What does the title of our picture say? How can we tag others in our pictures using the @ sign? What is the purpose of posting pictures, labeling them, and using tags anyway?

Also, this gave us a good chance to really consider how others might see our picture. If we imagine what someone on the other side of the world might understand from our picture it helps to give us a whole new perspective on expression! Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for more on our journey of expressing ourselves and our class, and learning how individuals can express themselves in a multitude of unique ways.



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