I See, I Think, I WONDER

Next week, the 1-5th grades will go to see the movie Wonder. In leading up to our class trip, the second and third grade class had a challenge to express what they though the word ‘wonder’ actually means.

When I asked: What is ‘Wonder’? some of the responses were:

Wonder is like magic!

It can be something wonderful!

Something really good?

Class Work: See Think Wonder

Another meaning, we discovered, is to ask questions and show curiosity.

If we look around our classroom, our school, or even our community what can we see? When we take time to notice new objects what do we think about them? Do we think facts or opinions about the new objects we see? What do we ‘wonder’ (or want to know that we do not already know) about this object?

We realized that even though we see some objects in our class everyday (the whiteboard or plant on the windowsill) there are is still a lot we don’t know about these objects and will never learn unless we wonder!

Keeping this in mind we each made our own ‘acrostic’ poem for the word WONDER. For this type of poem, the word is written vertically and we need to think of a few words or sentences that begin with each letter in the word.

Dictionary.WorkDictionary work and poem writing

While I had no doubt that the students are all extremely creative, they took this simple poem assignment and made it into a group song.

Since they have been singing about different emotions in Music, they decided “why not make English poems into songs as well?” By the end of the day, after learning about facts and opinions, emotions, and teamwork in class, the students were all ready to work together to make a musical production.

Esme.WONDERThe poem writing took the most time. Students worked in pairs and even used dictionaries to look up spelling for words they did not know. Once this part was finished, they took not time at all to organize themselves. They even asked me to leave the room for five minutes so they could practice! As a teacher, this was one of the clearest examples for how hard work and planning can pay off. We put so much time and effort into planning our poems and learning about what it means to ‘wonder’ and how to work well in a group that when it came time to perform, the students needed less than 10 minutes to practice and record the song.

Trusting Students to Practice!
Teacher View of Class for 5 Minute Practice

Finally, we had a singer, drums, and even a director for the song WONDER. Sung by the 2nd and 3rd grade. The video will be available shortly on Youtube and our class Instagram!


Overall a great way to end the week!


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