The World Works in Cycles

How does the work? Why does the weather change? Do all environments change the same? How do materials (solid, liquids, and gasses change)? Why do people change materials? SO MANY QUESTIONS! 

Rather then just tackling these questions one by one, the 2nd and 3rd grade class is learning about the larger concepts of CHANGE and CAUSATION through different cycles.

As we learned the first day back after our break, the word ‘Cycle’ can be used as a noun (life cycle, rock cycle, water cycle, etc.) or a verb (cycling, motorcycling, recycling, etc.).

Cycle as a Noun and Verb

We looked at the example of the life cycle of a frog to understand how cycles explain the way different plants and animals grow and change and then we drew our own examples. It was interesting to discover that cycles not only explain living things but also non-living ones like water and rocks.

Student Drawing of Cycle
Student Drawing: Life Cycle of a Flower, Recycle, Bicycle


First we started learning about the ROCK CYCLE and why there are so many types of rocks!

This sparked our curiosity to learn about the three different types of rocks and how they form and change in this cycle. What causes these rocks to form in the first place? What effect does the environment have on rocks after they form? How does WEATHERING cause rocks to change in the rock cycle? These were all questions we inquired about in order to not only understand the three different types of rocks, but also to sing about them!

Student Rock Cycle Song

Finally, we started learning about Earth’s cycles (Seasons!) and that these cycles happen a little differently depending on where we live. For example, people who live in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE (like we do!) experience spring from March until May. People who live in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE (or south of the equator) experience fall at this time! wod-equator.jpg

This is all a lot to take in! So we had some teamwork to make sure we understood the new vocabulary (Hemisphere, Equator, Equinox) and what the Earth’s cycles mean for us.

The rest of this and next week we be bringing the topic of ‘Cycles’ full circle to better understand how different processes affect us here in Estonia or abroad! Much more singing, story telling, and experimenting to come!

Student Shares Recent Trip to the USA

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