How do People Organize Themselves?

Did you know that a group of cows is called a herd? What about a group of mountains? It’s called a range!

How about a group of dolphins or fish? They can both be called a school! A group of dolphins can also be called a pod and a group of fish is also referred to as a shoal. There are so many different ways to name groups of animals or things but what do we call groups of people?

People organize themselves in several ways, but the one we seemed to be most familiar with is by countries.

Since we have such an international class, we are used to saying, “I am from (insert country here)”. What we were less used to saying however is “I am from (country), I am (nationality), I speak (language)”.


For example: I (the class teacher) am from the United States. I am American. I speak English.

So to start off we had some practice telling about ourselves and asking not only where the students in our class are from, but which nationality they are and what language they speak. We had a little help from an alphabetically sorted list from also! After all, there are A LOT of countries in the world, so it will take quite a lot of time to learn what all the nationalities from these countries are called!

While we were asking our own classmates, one student noticed New Zealand on the country list and asked where it was. Rather than pulling out a map and showing the students right away, I suggested that we use our sticky note question corner on the desk. This means that each student gets a sticky note and whenever he or she has a question it can be written down so that the question is not forgotten and can be answered later. While some students did look into where the country was for themselves, the class still did not know that much about New Zealand. Luckily, the teacher has a friend from New Zealand living in Tallinn and he was more than happy to share about his country with the class.

Kurt from New Zealand
Kiwi Bird from New Zealand

Can you guess what someone from New Zealand is called? Hear from our virtual class guest Kurt to find out!

From there we moved onto some other nationalities. We had a group activity where the students saw pictures of a person wearing traditional clothing or eating traditional food and they had to guess where the person was from, what their nationality is, and what language they speak. When they had all of their guesses, the teacher revealed the answer, we learned a bit about the traditional clothing the person was wearing (A lederhosen- from the south of Germany and a flamenco dress from the south of Spain). We also looked up on Google maps how close we actually were. Sometimes we were very close and sometimes on the other side of the world!

So we discovered that people all around the world, whether close or far away must have other ways of organizing themselves besides just by countries.

So what do we call a group of people? That depends on the type of group!

We learned that there are several groups of people:







Do you know what an individual from each of these groups is called?

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