American Stereotypes and Slang

We’ve all seen a ‘typical American teen movie’ and can probably name some of the stereotypical characters from each of them, but can you match the slang words for each of these characters?

‘Typical’ American Teen Movie Character Match

Answers (not in the correct order!)

preppy, nerd, jock, band geek, slacker, goth, band geek

Typical Teens in American Movies

Teacher Note: This is a great lead-in to introduce the topic of American slang to teens.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Are there any other characters you know that don’t match these descriptions?
  2. What makes these characters memorable?
  3. Why do you think these personality types are so common in American films?
  4. Do you think that teenagers in real high schools are like this?
  5. Are teenagers in your high school like this?
  6. What do you think some of the differences are between teens in your community and abroad?

Homework Writing Assignment:

Pick one of these characters or create your own and describe them in as much detail as possible. Things to consider: Clothing they wear, music/tv shows/games/activities they like, sports they play, who their friends are, how they like school, what type of food they eat, where they live, what type of lifestyle they have, what is important to them, how they talk or act, ect. BE AS CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE!

Common American Slang: For Everyday Expressions

Common American Slang Matching

Purple- Describes people, Green- Describes actions or things, Yellow- Things, Red-Verbs

Words inspired by:

Teacher Note: Print enough copies for each student or group of students. Cut the words from the meaning and have the students match each.

Follow-up Fill in the Blank Exercise

American Slang Fill in the Blank

For key email:

Subject Line: American Slang Fill In The Blank Key

Homework/In Class Practice

Have students create their own sentences, stories, or skits using some of the new slang words. Presentations of the work may vary.


What new American Slang terms have you learned! Comment below!

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