Growing up, I don’t know if I just thought my teachers knew everything or if I did not actually think about how they knew what to teach and why they taught materials in different ways. After having studied in elementary school, Jr. high, high school, bachelors level, masters level, and completed a few other educational training programs along the way, teaching in an elementary classroom at Tartu International School in Estonia has helped me to begin to understand what the teaching and learning process is all about.

The teachers I had along the way, at all levels of my own education and personal development, did not magically answer these HOW and WHY questions over night. They had, and many of them probably still have, a consistent opportunities to learn through their own process of teaching and through the experiences of others. So join my 2nd and 3rd grade and English classes on our journey learning how to teach and teaching how to learn in what I hope will be an increasingly innovative and positively challenging way.



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